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L1-03 - Air Delivered Weapons (ADWs)

An explosive munition designed to be dropped from aircraft, carrying either a high explosive or another agent and normally detonated on contact with a target or by a timing device is termed an Air Delivered Weapon (ADW). As an EOD Operator, you are required at all levels of EOD competency to be able to recognise ADWs and understand their associated hazards. In these lessons you will be shown the identification features and categories of an aircraft delivered weapon.
  • An introduction to Air Delivered Weapons (ADW)
  • ADW 1000lb bomb
  • ADW identification features
  • Aircraft bomb shapes & categories
  • Air delivered incendiary bombs
  • Air delivered practice bombs
  • Air delivered pyrotechnic bombs
  • ADW Level 1 - Test
  • ADW Level 1 - Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed